Sunday, 10 May 2015

Trip to Alkmaar 2015

Minerva Bath Rowing Club won back the Challenge Shield on their annual trip to Bath's twin city Alkmaar on 17 April 2015.

They spent three days taking in Dutch culture before Sunday's races against Arzv Roei Club.

First up was the senior men's crew of David, Phillip, Steve and Matt, coxed by Alice, who won their hotly-contested race in a time of 17:19.

Winners - David, Steve, Matt, Phillip and Alice
The mixed eight of Andy R, Kayleigh, Vicki W, Mark M, Elaine, Vicky R, Siobhan and Klaus were unable to hold against a strong crew and lost in 17:57.

The other eight – assembled of Andy H, Mark S, Mike A, Charlie, Simon, Colin, Ian and Dave  – came home in 16:36 for the second win.

Up against two other doubles in the decisive Juniors race, Becca and Lara crossed the line first in 9:36 to win back the Shield for Minerva.

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