Sunday, 19 May 2013

Avon County Head Race 2013

An amazing turnout from Minerva at the Avon County Head race on 2 March 2013 with a total of 15 crews entered on the day.

The Junior squad were out in impressive numbers, some taking part in their first ever race!  Ella took on the challenge from her coach and steered her first race with Ellie in the double.  Finn teamed up with the Men's captain, James, to row in a Novice double.  Two junior quads were entered, Ella coxed Mollie, Guy, George and Max and Pip coxed Poppy, Thea, Georgina and Tara. Both steering the juniors down a successful first race in their quads.

Junior Quad

All juniors enjoyed the day and are especially proud of the £79.94 they raised towards a new junior boat.  The juniors set up a cake stall which proved very popular at the end of racing to replenish the carbs!

The Men's and Women's squad entered in many different boats. The small boats were out in action, SEN 2x (double scull) - A Wynne Davies and Laurence B, the Minerva Bath/Cardiff City duo completed the course in a impressive time, being 9th fastest overall.  Steve and Jeanette racing in IM1.2x (double scull) and Steve racing again in IM1.1x (single scull), unfortunately having no opposition in either category, they still zoomed down the course in a brilliant time.

Two quads were entered.  The MasC.4x of Paul, Tim, William and Ian and IM2.4x of Paul, Tim, Beth and Nic who won their division and beat their opposition by an amazing 13 seconds!

The Minerva large boats being entered into various divisions. The men's IM3.8+ of David C, Mike, Jack, Simon, Andy R, David S, Anthony, Matt and coxed by Ella put in some good practice for the build up to the Head Of the River Race in London.  The Master Women's MasC.8+  of Hayley, Nic, Ange, Jocelyn, Jane, Hilary, Jules, Laura C and coxed by Helen also using the race as good practice in the run up to Vesta Veterans' Head of the River race.  The Women's IM3.8 of Helen, Roisin, Elaine, Sarah M, Sarah C, Kathryn, Ange, Laura C and coxed by Vicky used this final race as preparation before taking on the Tideway in March putting in a good, strong race and finishing in 2nd place.

Womens Masters 8+
MasC.4+ of Chris F, Mark S, Neil, Andy H and coxed by Tara.  Some of the former self titled 'GODs' of Minerva came out of retirement for this race, ready to show the youngsters how it is done.  Tara gave great encouragement along the course, shouting, amongst other things  "...and you call yourself the gods?"  It worked and they won, beating their opposition by over a minute!

Two Novice women's boats also took on the course.  The W.Nov4+ of Marianna, Liz, Kayleigh, Siobhan and coxed by Jane and W.Nov4+ of Heather, Debbie, Kathryn and last min sub Helen coxed by Marianna.  Last minute substitutions and Debbie having to swap to bow side for the first time made for an exciting race!  The crew still managing to secure a respectable 3rd place.

The day was a fantastic success with several wins, fabulous cakes and an amazing atmosphere with the many supporters and huge number of club members involved.

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