Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wycliffe Big Head 2013

With the less than favourable weather in 2012 and many races cancelled, Minerva was out in force for the first head race of the new year on 2 February. The day started at 6am at the boathouse with boat de-rigging, trailer loading and then it was time for the journey to Gloucester to begin. Three crews were ready and eager to race!

It was a bright, sunny day (slightly chilly!) and conditions were good. The IM3 Women's eight were first up.  For the crew consisting of Helen, Roisin, Elaine, Sarah M, Emily, Kathryn, Hannah and Laura C and coxed by Ella, this was their first race as an eight and good practice for the road to WeHorr. They came 3rd out of 7 in a time of 20.36.1

The IM3 Men's four consisting of David C, Simon, Jack, Dave S and coxed by Laura C completed the course in a time of 22.43.4. The Novice Women's four consisting of Annika, Eleanor, Kayleigh, Emily and coxed by Ella completed the course in 22.36.0...  (anyone notice anything?) The Women's crew beat the men's with an impressive time!

All crews were supported by Andy W who cycled the course shouting out encouraging words from the bank.

W8+ in action

It wasn't just the competiveness between crews, two coxes were out to try and beat each other - the mother and daughter coxing team of Laura and Ella.  Ella claiming victory with the Women's 4!

It was a very positive start to 2013 with crews looking forward to the City of Bristol Head.

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