Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Henley Masters 2012

On a very wet week in July, with the Olympics creeping up on us, Minerva wished good luck to a couple of ex-Olympians as they headed off to do battle at the Henley Masters.

Arnold Cooke and Klaus Riekemann were forced to race in a younger age group in their composite 4-. They headed up to the heats of the G4- canvas against Bedford and after a strong tussle down the course the crew by a canvas and had to watch Bedford head in and win the final by 1 ¼ lengths.

The second race of the day had higher expectations as Arnold and Klaus had been putting the training into the pair. The crew headed through easily into the H2- final to find themselves up against Wallingford, who had previously beaten the Minerva pair in the Nationals. The Minerva crew, being the older crew were able to take a handicap so started in front of the other crew. As it turned out, the pair were able to power away from Wallingford demonstrating that they could have beaten them in a race starting level.

A great end to a days racing, congratulations Arnold and Klaus.

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