Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Monkton Blue Friars 8th October 2011

The local October regatta had a fantastic turn out from Minerva Crews and saw gold and purple dominating the river.

The veteran component produced 2 wins, with Tim Birtwistle and Johnston winning the MasC 2X and Arnold Cooke and Klaus Riekemann not only winning the MasH 2- but also beating the crews in the age category below.

The junior squad, represented by Max Higgins and Mariot Andreassen battled well in their single sculls achieving a 5th and 3rd respectively. Max went on to race in the IM2 2x with Steve Lister to win the category and produce the fastest double scull time of the day. Mariot went on to double with Jack Hawking in the IM3 2x and despite being the only mixed crew in the category they won by over 10seconds.

The women's novice crews were also out in force and faced a strong battle against each other and a third crew from Avon County. The crew of Jeanette Muller, Sarah Moon, Arianna Granziera and Emily Porter faced a strong challenge from the up and coming self titled 'B' crew of Debbie O'Halloran, Kathryn Maidment, Marianna Hunt and Laura Cowen. Racing in different divisions it was a case of waiting for the times to come out at the end of the day. Minerva completed the 1st and 2nd with Jeanette's crew bringing home the pots.

It was then just a case of waiting to see how well the coaches would do. Steve Lister and Jeanette Muller raced in the IM1 2x and raced to victory. With two races not being enough for both of them, Jeanette also recorded a win in the IM3 single scull, while Steve had to settle for 2nd place in the men's IM1 scull against strong competition.

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