Friday, 5 August 2011

Best til last at Bewdley

There was a small party of Minerva rowers at Bewdley this year and success came at the very end of the weekend.

On Saturday, there were entries from Gandy in MasC.2-, Steve in IM1.1x, Jeanette in Nov.1x, Helen and Elaine in IM3.2x and MasC.8+ with Neil, Mark, Mike A, Andy H, Gandy, Ian and Dave S. Sadly, there were no pots on day one, but some close races. On Saturday night, the vets, apart from Andy H, left the scullers behind and went home.

On Sunday, Helen and Elaine went out in the second round but were then able to sit in the sun all afternoon and eat ice cream! The next race was Jeanette's first round in the W.Nov.1x, closely followed by Steve's final in IM1.1x. Prior to her heat, Jeanette found her opposition to arrange a time to meet at boat checking. Amusingly, it was the girl that had kept her up for quite a while the night before as her tent was close to ours and she seemed to be enjoying some loud banter with her team mates during the night. Well it was time for revenge for loss of a good night's sleep which Jeanette did by beating her opposition by three lengths!

Steve's final was very exciting and it was a close call, but his opposition just beat him.

The final race of the weekend for Minerva was Jeanette's final against Bridgenorth. As Jeanette and her opposition raced round the corner, it looked as though Jeanette was every so slightly ahead, but it was hard to tell. As they came closer to the finish line, it was still anyone's race, but the determination on Jeanette's face, you could see that she wasn't going to give up without a fight. And she didn't, going over the line ahead by about half a length.


She didn't stop smiling when she was dunked in the river! Well done Jeanette for winning your novices.

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