Monday, 16 May 2011

Minerva Website

As many of you will have heard through the grapevine the Minerva Website is in the process of being updated. It's almost ready.........
We going to link the blog to the news page of the website for headlines, so when you add a post to the blog - like this - it will get added to the Home page of the website.

There are therefore a few things that we would ask for in future posts if at all possible.
Firstly if you can label your post to either racing, news or social - these labels are at the bottom of the box as you're typing your report. This will help the computer programme to sort the article to the appropriate place on the website.

Secondly, pictures to support your article would be amazing. The news page will be linked to a picture and while we will endeavour to have a back up picture so there isn't a blank page, a picture linked to what you're writing about would be even better. I'm going to be even fussier for a second - if it could be a landscape shot, sized 500 width and 300 height even better.

Apart from distributing info to the website the blog itself will remain intact so don't panic about not being able to find the stories you're looking for, there will still be a direct link to the blog from the website.

Many thanks


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