Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Stourport - more pots for Gandy!

This was our best Mas C race to date. The race distance was 1,200m downstream – about 1,150m actual distance. We had raced the same crew from Stourport three times earlier in the season and were ahead two races to one, our loss resulting from a tactical error over the short course at Bewdley. This time we got our tactics spot on; we were happy to be down by about half a length and they took about a third of a length out of us by about 300m. Two squeezes kept us next to them until we drew level with about 250m to go. At this point we built for home and gradually pulled ahead. With about 120m to go Andy called ‘legs’, which means give it everything! The rating came up to 38, everything clicked and we won by just under a length! Awesome!!! J

The Mas D race was an easy cruise home after North Staffs pushed us quite hard for the first 200 to 300m.


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