Monday, 26 January 2009

Winter Training - Update

Club Ergos nights continue on Tuesday and Thursday evenings until March. The first session is 6pm and the second is 6.30pm. The only times when these will not happen is if the temperature is below freezing and the ergo's are not safe to use.

Tim has put up a board next to the ergos so you can monitor your and others ergo scores and rank yourselves against your clubmates so please use it and record your baseline scores as soon as possible; remember a low score is not necessarily a bad score; it makes improvement much easier the next time!

We have started a club Pilates class on Wednesday evenings at the main school hall, Beechen Cliff School; cost £5. Please try an support this as we need 15 people to cover our costs and it is excellent for improving flexibility and core stability.

Please remember that during the winter the water temperature is dangerously cold, even when the air temperature is warmer the water will remain as cold as when it has been below freezing. Please make sure you have a plan before you go out on the water just in case you do capsize or fall in. Things to be aware of are: you need to be out of the water in less than 5 minutes; have you done a capsize drill? will you be able to get back into your boat in extremely cold water? check beforehand the locations where you can get out of the water and onto the bank safely? do you have thermal blankets in your boat? do you have dry clothing to change into? will you be able work hard enough to warm yourself up on the row back to the club? will you be able to open the padlock to get back in the boathouse if you are shaking from the cold?

Remember don't go out on your own, at the very least make sure there are other rowers out who you can stay close by! If in doubt don't go out - do an ergo!

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