Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Great Britain Rowing Trials - October 2008

Well, it's that time again. The first set of Great Britain Rowing Trials of the new season and the 2012 Olympiad have already crept up on us.

As is now the standard format for the first trial of the year, the first day of the trials weekend in Boston, Lincolnshire is a 2000m erg test which is held in the sports centre just outside the town. The results of the ergo dictate the start order for the following day and there is a cutoff time which has to be acheived in order to race on the water. For more info on the GB Trials system go here: http://www.ara-rowing.org/gb/trials

Minerva Bath had three representatives involved; Gemma Akers, Lucy Ryvar and Vicky Thornley. All three easily made the erg cutoff. Lucy pulled the quickest time overall and Gemma and Vicky were in the top eight overall. Not bad going!

This then allowed them to race on the water on the Sunday. The time trial is held on a drainage ditch and is run out of Boston Rowing Club. It's straight, apart from one large(ish) corner and is a fair bit wider than the Avon so steering isn't really an issue.

Lucy finished 5th overall - pics here: http://www.bigblade-photos.com/rowing/events/2008/busbh08/bydivision/124%20Minerva%20Bath%20W1x%20Ryvar.html
Vicky finished 6th overall and 2nd fastest Under 23 - pics here: http://www.bigblade-photos.com/rowing/events/2008/busbh08/bydivision/131%20Minerva%20Bath%20W1x%20Thornley.html
Gemma finished 12th overall and 5th fastest Under 23 - pics here: http://www.bigblade-photos.com/rowing/events/2008/busbh08/bydivision/129%20Minerva%20Bath%20W1x%20Akers.html

Two of the Bath Uni guys were also in attendance in the form of Merrick Odam and Sean Bathe-Taylor. Merrick finished 13th overall and was the 3rd fastest Under 23. Sean was 42nd overall and the 20th Under 23.

Merrick pics - http://www.bigblade-photos.com/rowing/events/2008/busbh08/bydivision/74%20Bath%20Univ%20M1x%20Odam.html
Sean pics - http://www.bigblade-photos.com/rowing/events/2008/busbh08/bydivision/87%20Bath%20Univ%20M1x%20Bathe-Taylor.html

All of the girls (and Merrick) are athletes on the Amateur Rowing Association's World Class Start Scheme sponsored by Siemens, a unique talent identification and development scheme. The programme is funded by UK Sport with Lottery money and since 2006 is sponsored by Siemens. The programme at Bath has identified four athletes for Great Britain teams in the past four years including one U23 World Champion and is run by Paul Stannard, Performance Development Coach, GB Rowing. The athletes in Bath train at the University of Bath and at Minerva Bath Rowing Club.

For more information on this article or the World Class Start Programme please contact: paul.stannard@gbrowing.org.uk

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