Monday, 23 June 2008

Munich Training Camp - 3rd to 13th June 2008

On the 3rd June the girls all headed off to Munich for their first training camp. They tagged along with the Bath University Boat Club who have been to Munich 3 times in the previous 4 years. This was the first year that the group took their own boats and Paul and Nicole drove the 20 boats out on the 2nd June.

The camp was predominantly based on the water at the Olympic Rowing Lake that was built for the 1972 Olympics with a couple of weights sessions thrown in for good measure. The girls trained three sessions a day for two days and then had 2 sessions on the third day. This pattern repeated through the camp to allow the girls time to recover. The camp ended with a 2000m performance piece where the boats that had been training on the camp got together and raced side by side.

The girls made good progress and the camp was a great success. They got out in a mixture of singles, pairs, fours and quads and the improvements they made are very clear to see. Hopefully we will be going back next year!

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