Friday, 11 April 2008

Summer Season Crew and Boat Allocations

Dear Minerva Member,

As promised you have all had the opportunity to be coached in the 8 this past winter and I must personally thank Andy Hoyes and all the coaches and coxes for making it a success. The intention was to give every one a chance to improve their rowing whilst on a reasonably stable platform. Now is the time to move onto the summer training.

By now you should have all seen the summer season crew, coach and boat allocations. If you are not included and want to be please let me and Andy Hoyes know. We aim to accommodate as best as possible.

Points to take note:

If you decide you want to race this season and this constitutes 1 or more races, you MUST increase your membership subscription to Full Racing Member, if you are not already one. NO EXCEPTIONS. (There are many people who have raced, perhaps one race a year previously and have paid their full racing subs all year!)

The crew organiser has been picked randomly by me, but anyone of the crew can take the role on. Best to share it on a rota system. The duty of the crew organiser is to arrange coxes and check the availability of the coach allocated to that crew. Only he or she contacts me, Andy Hoyes or Tim Birtwistle (Team Manager, for race entries).

So, for example, if Crew A wants to race at Bewdley, Chris Fry or other delegated crew member contacts Tim, CC me and Andy H. with his crews intentions.

Racing crews will be given priority of boat allocation, although we have endeavoured to allocate boats for all rowers. (Any disputes will ratified by me, or in my absence, by Andy Hoyes)

Ensure your cox signs the boat out and wears a life jacket.

Please clean and inspect your boats for damage etc and report any to one of the committee asap, or report it in the boat signing out book with a note attached to the boat.

Any winging, manking, moaning or bitching should be directed to me or in my absence, Andy H, but keep it brief as we’ve spent a lot of time sorting this out for your benefit.

Bruce Martins


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